That Don't Impress Me Much...

Wednesday, 4 April 2012 - Posted by rosielucocq at 02:18

                Right, so following the recent stir with a certain Samantha Brick I wanted to get my opinion heard. I am sick to death of this self righteous attitude towards successful people; why do we always look to destroy someone as opposed to congratulate them?
                I say good on Samantha. Of course, there is this undying female response so deeply entrenched into my brain that tells me to hate her because she’s ‘definitely not pretty’ and ‘so bloody cocky’. But, nonetheless, I stay true to my word – more women need to be like Samantha, accept who they are and focus on themselves.
                In a survey powered by Dove it was discovered that 77% of British and American 10-14 year old girls considered themselves unattractive. And why the hell wouldn’t they? Don’t believe the obvious response about TV advertising, women on TV & male reaction – I say we look to bitchiness. From the age of about 8 I looked to my peers to reassure me of how I looked and how I should look, and how is Samantha any different? This woman isn’t looking for forgiveness or acceptance from other women. When did confidence become unattractive?
                I know people will call her cocky – why do we hate cocky people? Because they make us feel insecure. So how do we respond? We make them feel insecure. In a follow-up article from Samantha about the response, she writes about crying due to the amount of abuse she was receiving, and that’s what we want. We want her to hate herself as much as we hate ourselves, and then our boyfriends will carry on fancying us & not the woman who thinks she’s ‘all that’. Then, hopefully, our friends will carry on hating us because we’re beautiful and womankind will be restored.
                Because maybe that’s all this is, maybe it is simply about upsetting the PH balance of the world of women, we’ve managed to reach a 3 when we’re comfortable being a 7 (sometimes a 6 on sassy days). I would say that men don’t like women who need constant reassurance about how beautiful they are; but that isn’t what this is, is it? It’s about women wanting other women to feel insignificant to our incomparable beauty, and Samantha provides the perfect way to do this. We can comment about how she needs to shut up, because we’re not threatened by Samantha – Samantha isn’t as beautiful as us. It’s proven I promise! Everyone else on the internet is saying it...
(here she is, the utter cow)

                So I say to you, Samantha Brick, good on you. Good on you for finding yourself beautiful, for writing an article about it & for taking everything on the chin. If you’re reading this (which I highly doubt) you ought to know that I think you’re fantastic. Thank you for undoing the taboo of finding yourself attractive. I’m going to take your stance, next time I’m getting ready for a night out I’ll look at myself and say ‘I look good’ (before – of course – turning to my best friend and hearing her opinion).